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"The Ten Percent Man"


...over 630 heart stopping and thought invoking pages offering a frightening preview into a terrifying future...
...a future where horrendous, Government-backed Goliaths terrorize mankind...
...a horrific futuristic scenario that touches on the very edge of the abyss, stretching the imagination to snapping point and the nerves to sheds as it rockets to a disturbing - and unforgettable end!

"Is the novel a WARNING...


In 1911 people were fascinated to learn that in searching for a new source of energy, for the good of humankind, scientist Ernest Rutherford conducted a
series of experiments in what newspapers of his day called: "splitting the atom." On the 20th July 1969 people around the globe were excited and rejoiced when Neil A. Armstrong (Astronaut) became the first man to set foot on the moon. In Cape town South Africa in December 1967, the world crossed a threshold and won a major battle against our old adversary-death! But, we need to ask the question... ... are these new discoveries really in our interests?

Way back in 1990, reputed British Medical Journal Lancet had pointed out that kidney transplants done on West Asian patients in the makeshift hospitals in Mumbai had exposed patients to life threatening infections and diseases. Even so end stage renal failure patients from Canada, Pakistan, Malaysia and Bangladesh make a beeline to India to get kidneys transplanted. In India, there are 1,30,000 patients who die of renal failure a year. Many transplant patients from around the world are driven to seek treatment in India on account of the affordable cost and the relative ease in dealing with legal authorities. Meanwhile, a state of the art facility for organ transplants, the first of its kind in India, will be ready at Hyderabad towards the end of this year. The 150-bed hospital facility is promoted by Rabindranath GE Medical Associates Pvt. Ltd.

India too has a thriving bazaar for illegal trade in organs, which continues to flourish despite legislation banning it. Last year, New Delhi police had swooped down on an Andhra-based gang which was successful in inducing bankrupt farmers - victims of crop failure - to part with their kidneys in various private hospitals of New Delhi. Similarly, in June this year a gang inducing desperate people to donate their kidneys was busted in Vijaywada. While earlier Chennai and Mumbai used to be the notorious centres of "racketeering in kidneys", in recent years the Garden City - Bangalore - has been in the limelight for unethical trading in this most vital human organ. In fact, local newspapers in Bangalore had reported that a massive kidney racket continues to thrive in the city as no efforts have been made to rectify the loopholes in the Organ Transplantation Act of 1994. Significantly, the Karnataka Health and Family Welfare Department has a list of 201 unrelated kidney transplants conducted by ten unauthorized medical institutions in Bangalore based on the permission given by the "authorization committee" set up by the government of Karnataka in 1994. It is taken for granted that the surgeons involved in the transplantation procedure get Rs. 40,000 per case while a tout pockets not less than Rs. 60,000 for every kidney procured unethically.

In Thailand, a panel established by the Thai Medical Association found that a leading hospital violated medical ethics in procuring kidneys and other organs from terminally-ill patients and their relatives. Some of the reported cases were those where patients were apparently allowed to die so that their organs could be harvested and sold to wealthy patients requiring organ transplants. On another front, a report appearing in London newspapers had revealed that a British hospital was at the centre of an organ retention scandal. Apparently the hospital admitted that a pharmaceutical company had been given body parts from living children in return for financial donations. It was reported that thymus glands removed during complex heart surgery at Alder Hey Children's Hospital at Liverpool were given to Imtix Sangstar between 1993 and 1998. Of course, the British government had ordered an enquiry into this bizarre episode.

The findings of Rutherford's experiments was refined by other scientists and later used by the military to exact a terrible price from civilian men, women and little children and... ...the 'giant step for mankind' from the earth to the moon has enabled one country, a so called super-power, to dominate and intimidate the world by positioning spy satellites and nuclear weapons over our heads. So how long will it be... ...before Christian Barnard's path-finding work is used, commercially and ruthlessly, to obtain human kidneys, lungs, eyes, and death-only recoverable organs such as hearts, at any cost to be transplanted into the highest bidder for vast profits? Or has it already begun?

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Their adventures take them first to Brazil where, with two other company employees, they join forces with the Amazonian natives and fight a bloody jungle battle against Transplant Inc's hired killers.

The Ten Percent Man is Published by: -
Writers Club Press, New York.
ISBN: 0-595-25794-1 Paperback
ISBN: 0-595-65339-1 Hardback

The novel is heralding a timely warning: -
"Red Chinese political prisoners are beheaded on a human-organ-when-needed-in-the-west basis."
Read Sherman H. Skolnick's report, in the USA link.